who we are

Who We Are

Concerned about the increasing number of agribusiness oriented grocery delivery services, Tablefield Grocery offers an affordable locally oriented option to support customers who deeply care where their food comes from and the farmers who work hard everyday to grow a sustainable food system. We are committed to building a more fair and equitable community. With every delivery, we make a cash donation, to the MD FOOD BANK, that feeds three people in need. We are proud to support a variety of LGBT, Women, and Minority owned businesses. We pledge to pay livable wages to our employees. We strive to connect our customers through a common sense of wellness, purpose and belonging. Our goal is to bring the farm to your door. Relax, good food is on it's way.

What We Do

We work with local farmers, ranchers, cheesemakers, bakers and food entrepreneurs to curate our store with the freshest & finest goods ready to feed you and those you love. We provide a safe, contact free grocery delivery service with drivers who adhere to CDC guidelines to protect everyone. We facilitate opportunities to connect virtually with a diverse community that shares a common passion through culinary experiences. Most of all, we are committed to supporting efforts to fight hunger, making a donation that feeds three with every delivery we make.

what we do

Our Team

Pau Dongarra

Paul Dongarra

President/Constant Dreamer

Paul started Tablefield Catering, previously called Dionysus' Kitchen, way back in 1994. He has served hundreds of local families and takes his role in celebrations seriously, calling himself, a Guardian of Life's Special Moments. Grocery delivery grew partly out of necessity, from the Covid-19 pandemic, but in equal measure of desiring to share his love of good local food and showing support for area farmer's and businesses. With a long history of supporting humanitarian and cultural charitable events, it seemed natural to commit to feeding three in need with every delivery. His hobbies include: collecting and playing ukuleles, American reconstruction and turn of the century art history, science fiction movies, and walks in the forest looking for choice edible mushrooms. He and his wife Rebecca have three children: Luke, Bella and Roman. His favorite quote, "Aggressively fighting for the right (cause), is the noblest sport the world affords." Teddy Roosevelt


Isabella Avis

Logistics And Billing Intern

Isabella is our logistics and billing intern

Her interest includes: environmental engineering, swimming and half marathons, hiking, cello, sewing and interior design. Her favorite quote is surely from a Disney musical that she is always singing.


Ryan Goetzenberger

Warehouse Manager & Logistics Specialist

Ryan is passionate about his job and about being part of something new and important, both to our customers and the farmers/local makers that we all support. A graduate of Towson University in Secondary Education with a Social Science focus, he has opted to pursue his first passion and follow the lure of the food business. His interests include: hiking, fly fishing, home brewing beer, supporting local music and pondering the universe's mysteries while watching good sunset.

our promise

Our promise

We strive always to be better, not only as a business, but as people too. We promise to support our local farmers and food makers. We promise that safety is of the utmost importance to us. We promise that with every delivery we make, we are leaving the world a little bit better.


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