Currently all of the vegetables in our veggie boxes are organically certified and grown locally.  During the winter months, our farmers will source other organic products from Southern Climates to enhance the variety the boxes contain and help us not to become too board with subsisting off of root vegetables for weeks and weeks. 

Many of our other products are also organic and will normally indicate whether or not they are organic.

Even if food is not certified organic we always look for food produced using organic methods. It is entirely free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs and almost entirely without pesticides.
No, provided that you have a secure area, (From theft, but also from rain and sun) to place your products, like a covered porch and a cooler (with a frozen ice bottle) to place perishable items inside. Tablefield ensures that your items are delivered at the proper temperature, however, once delivery is made, you become the party responsible for getting the items under refrigeration.  If you live in an apartment building with refrigerated lockers, ask management how we can utilize them.
We deliver between 7am-6pm on your scheduled delivery day.  The morning of your delivery, you receive a text with the approx. delivery time & a link to see where the driver is located and observe their approach to your door.
Yes, there are no contracts to sign and no commitment to participate in an entire season.  There is one exception.  If you have a standing order, you cannot cancel after the cut off date as we purchase many items specifically for that order.  Make sure that you set a reminder on your day planner for the cutoff date to make any changes.  We also send an email notification reminding you of the up coming cutoff.
No worries.  Simply click the "My Account" and from the drop down menu click on "Delivery Hold".  Enter the departure and return dates and then click add vacation.  We send an email confirmation and your deliveries automatically resume on your return. 
Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 and USDA guidelines, we cannot recycle the boxes.  They can be put out with home recycling or taken to a recycling center. Without question we encourage recycling.
Absolutely!  Our system allows you to set up weekly, bi-monthly or monthly scheduled deliveries. In addition, any item can be added to your delivery with the same flexibility or add an item as a one time purchase.
We deliver to all of Baltimore City, most of Baltimore, Howard, and Anne Arundel Counties. 

Tuesdays: Baltimore South of Northern Parkway & Owings Mills and Columbia

Wednesday: Baltimore North of Northern Parkway/Towson and Catonsville/Ellicott City

Thursday:  Anne Arundel County and Dundalk

The best way to see if we delivery to you is to sign up for service.  Entering your address is the first thing that you will be asked.

If we do not currently deliver to you, you are welcome to connect with us as we constantly work on expanding into new areas.  You can reach out to several friends and see if they'd like to sign up.  We need to have 10 customers in a new area before expanding our delivery routes.

Send us an email at  include the number of people that have expressed interest in subscribing to our service and a contact number.
You bet we do!  If you have a door attendant we ask that you let them know that we will be arriving.  If not, be prepared to either buzz us in, have a neighbor do it for you or provide us with a key or entry code so that we can run the order up to your door.

If your complex has refrigerated lockers, talk to management about how we might be able to access the lockers and we would welcome that opportunity.
Feel free to call us at 410-744-4300 Monday thru Friday 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm.   If you need assistance, you may also email us at
Although produce is a perishable item, they can remain viable for some time outside of refrigeration.  Meat, Dairy, eggs, etc, however are another matter entirely.  We ask that you provide a cooler with a large frozen water bottle or several ice packs in it for us to place these perishables.  If you are home, eagerly awaiting your deliver, make sure you follow your drivers progress via our delivery app, keep an ear open for our knock and be prepared to get your items under refrigeration immediately.   To add an extra layer of delivery protection, all meat products leave our distribution hub frozen.
Applies to items that are pre-packaged, but don't weigh the same.  As an example, let's say you ask for 3 pounds of boneless chicken breast.  We will assemble the product as close to that amount as possible.  You will be charged immediately after your cut off date for 3 pounds, but when the item is packed, the price will be adjusted and either a refund (if the weight was less) or a new charge (if the weight was more) will appear on your next order.



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