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Add items you use frequently: CSA produce box, fruit, eggs, glass bottled milk, half and half, yogurt, coffee, our "of the week" products (seafood, wine, beer, proteins, artisan bread.

For each item, you can choose a delivery frequency: weekly, bi-monthly and monthly. Don't want to commit? No worries!  Add these items as a one time order.

Confirm recurring orders, under "My Account" Header. You can always revise this order at any time!

Decide if you want to leave a tip: a one time or recurring amount.  Hit "tip" in price breakdown under upcoming orders.

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Take a note of your ordering cut off day and plan to return before that time.  Our happiest customers program a phone alarm to remind themselves.

Add items you need, but aren't recurring: cheeses, grains, dried beans, noodles, oils, vinegars, cocktails, condiments, our delicious menu items or meal kits.  

Keep an eye out for our Friday newsletter informing you of next week's produce box contents, recipes, "of the week" options, specials, new products and coupons.

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Sit back and leave the driving to us. Our system texts you the morning of your delivery and just before we are  due to arrive.  You can also track the drivers progress. If you are not going to be home, you should plan on leaving a large cooler out for perishables.


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